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cid_5AFDEC2B-4238-42F8-9530-C55A9B9DBA94Welcome to ARTfest 2014: 19th September - 5th October

Escape ARTfest is a vibrant celebration of the diversity of arts in our fabulous district. Mark your calendar for 2 weeks of creative inspiration to ensure you don't miss this unique event and as we like to say... if you're not utterly and creatively exhausted by the end of ARTfest, you haven't really tried!

The 2014 theme EDGE will feature strongly throughout the festival.

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Taking it to the streets...

At this years festival we plan on having a little more fun!

See a piano... play it, see a door way... walk thru it, see a bike on top of a tree... scratch your head, see a smile... take it and pass it on, see pretty pom-poms... enjoy!
And yes that will be people you see swimming across the highway in Milton...
ARTfest's way to brighten your day and remind you that it's time to enjoy our community's creativity.
Life is short, enjoy it, smile at it and get involved in the celebration of art that Artfest is.
After all, EARTH without ART is just EH..

Want to Get Involved in ARTfest?

Whether you'd like to be a participating artist, a venue, a sponsor or a volunteer, Escape ARTfest is a fabulous festival to get involved with!

It's a true grass-roots, home-grown community festival, run entirely by volunteers.

No big-business, but lots to see and do with superb quality artists, events and performances.

World-class cultural experiences... all the fun without the fuss!

Local artists and venues can expect entry forms to be made available around May each year.

Prize details are also announced around June, as well in the various email updates.

Sponsorship packages are put together around May each year.

Businesses, organisations and individuals are encouraged to get behind the festival, and offer support.

Sponsorship packages and forms can be sent out on request, so please contact us for more information.

Make sure you are subscribed to the email newsletter to ensure you receive all the latest information and announcements.

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Fast Forward 2014

Fast Forward 2014 Artists Announced

The Fast Forward scheme involves the granting of $5000 to one or more local artists each year.

Applications have now been assessed and four artists have been granted funds for 2014:

FF-NK-smlNatalia Kujbida - will be extending her skills in glass art "Receiving FF funds will provide me with a fantastic opportunity to undertake some glass courses at Canberra Glassworks. I'm looking forward to exploring a new material in my art-making and learning new techniques. Glass is such an expressive material. I've been using it to draw on. I'm really excited about the possibilities to extend my knowledge about this mysterious material."

penny-lovelock-ff-smlPenny Lovelock - will be undertaking a workshop in portrait painting "Being awarded a grant through FF will enable me to attend a workshop with Cherry Hood. I am very excited by this offer, and would normally find this workshop out of my reach. I hope to expand my knowledge of portraiture and be inspired. I Will also be able to share my experience with students and that will be my way of giving back to the community."

Jodhi Doyle - will be undergoing a mentoring programme in Jodhi-dragon-pic-smlsculpture "Since I discovered my love for sculpting, it has become my ambition to become a full time artist. I am self taught and therefore very keen to learn more about my craft, be able to refine and continually improve my art and knowledge, and stretch my own concepts of what is possible in my medium. This funding will allow me to not only improve my existing skills, but also to learn a range of skills which will greatly increase the possibilities of my art.  Mentorship and training from a professional artist in my field will be an incomparable boost to my artistic development and career. Since moving to the Milton Ulladulla area, the local community have been very supportive of my art, and this funding is a further example.  I am extremely grateful to the Artfest committee for this fantastic opportunity."

Fast-Forward-Nicole-DixonsmlNicole Dixon - will be expanding her Photoshop and illustration skills "I have always had a love for characters, silliness and fun and I have always been drawn to illustration as a career so finally in 2012 I put pen to paper and got busy. I will be using my funds from FF to purchase a new camera and also take a much needed course in Photoshop. The camera and skills gained from the Photoshop course will come in handy for my next venture ‘ Via Loves to cook.’ Last year I wrote ‘Via’ a book about a little girl with Autism, that although she has a disability she is just like everyone else. My second book I will be delving into unknown territory and writing a cookbook for children and adolescents on the spectrum. With the help of the FF scheme and other organisations I will be able to see this project through to completion."

We look forward to working with these artists in 2014 and seeing the new skills that they bring to our area. Fast Forward artists are encouraged to share their extended skills with the local community as a way of continuing the circle of artistic love, so watch out for their workshops, demonstrations and talks that may feature as part of ARTfest 2014.


2014 News Update - March, No. 1

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